In today’s fast-paced health care environment, providers demand the highest quality medical products; products that meet not only their own professional requirements but also the demands of their patients and residents. Health Care providers expect reliability in the products they choose so that they can deliver the highest level of care, effectively and efficiently. Alliance health care products are used throughout Canada, in Physician clinics, Dental offices, Long Term Care facilities and Hospitals.

Thousands of quality medical products carrying the Alliance brand name are distributed to health care facilities across Canada, coast-to-coast, every day. The diverse Alliance health care line includes products such as bandages, gauze, gloves, gowns, facemasks and more. All of our products meet the stringent requirements of the Canadian health care community.

The Alliance brand, recognizes that quality products alone are not enough to help health care professionals enhance the delivery of patient care. That’s why we offer our customers the Alliance Value Commitment – a promise to our customers to deliver the highest quality health care products combined with a value-added first-class service package, one that is unrivalled in the industry. Alliance customers receive a comprehensive product-service bundle, including product cost-effectiveness, timely fulfillment, insightful customer service and support, and point-of-sale convenience. Our professionally trained support teams are dedicated to providing outstanding service and value to our customers, which is well beyond the products that we put into the hands of health care providers every day.

We look at the big health care picture when developing Alliance products. The process of continual improvement through collaboration is what drives both Alliance products and our manufacturers. We have been active partners in supplying the Canadian health care community valued products since 1978. Our dedicated professionals gain satisfaction by helping our clients care for their patients.

So when we deliver one of our many Alliance medical products you receive much more: Quality products, in the right place, at the right time. Our Customer Service professionals and Account Managers continue to build value into our business relationships through exceptional end-to-end service, convenient fulfillment and cost-effective solutions, all in addition to providing high quality medical products. It’s all part of the Alliance Value Commitment. You expect a quality product. We deliver much more.

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